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We get asked a lot about what materials we use.

Labels designed to cope with outdoor display are best printed on plastic, and we use a polypropylene that contains at least a 30% post-industrial recycled polymer. Because the 4-colour print process requires a white substrate, the recycled content is post-industrial rather than post-consumer. It's derived from a mix of sources and all our materials are in themselves recyclable.

The trimmings and remnants that are part of the production process are baled up, put on a pallet and sent straight back into the recycling loop.

When we print on cards and papers, we do our best to ensure that all stock is FSC certified, ensuring that the trees used in its production are harvested responsibly and sustainably, by workers who are paid fairly and given proper training.

The boxes and cartoons that we ship your labels in are made from 75% recycled content and can themselves be recycled once you finished with them.

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